Family portraits have a reputation for being cheesy, artificial, and frankly, kind of embarrassing. They call to mind stiff poses and weirdly emotionless facial expressions. So why should you think about getting one for yourself and your family? Here are 4 reasons why you should...

1. It’s a reflection of the times

It can be hard to imagine that a portrait has much historical significance outside of your family, but family portraits from the past have long been a record of what it was like to live in those times. The clothes, poses, even locations of family portraits all tell a story about people and their lives. Your family portrait could one day help tell the story of this decade, or even century.

2. To celebrate your bond

Families go through their ups and downs, no one’s is perfect. Commissioning a family portrait can capture that special bond between a family. It doesn’t have to be a serious, formal portrait; show off your personality, be playful and behave how you usually would when it’s just you and your family. Let art celebrate the unique dynamic of your family by immortalizing that special moment on canvas.

“I love painting people as I enjoy pulling out the glow that exists within each individual and capturing their inner beauty.” – Usha Patibandla, portrait artist

3. So that you can do it all over again

Families change; sometimes they get smaller, and sometimes they just keep growing. Commission another portrait whenever a new member arrives, whether by marriage, blood, or otherwise. It’s a great way to welcome the new addition, and in a way, makes things ‘official’! It’ll be interesting to look at your collection of family portraits after some time and see how the people you love have changed and grown.

4. For posterity

A family portrait is something for future generations to remember you by. It could (and should!) be passed down through generations, a treasured heirloom. Many people make sense of their identity by looking into their past. It’s fascinating to look at old photos and listen to family stories; help your future grandkids or great grandkids put a face to the name!

Here are some of our artists who do portraits with style:
Portrait paintings
Clockwise from top left: Through Light On by Isabel Garmon, Free Spirit by Usha Patibandla, Conscience by Lucy Lawes, and Fog by Isobel Francisco. Do check out their artist pages for more inspirations.