If you have been wanting to create a gallery wall for your home, here are 4 simple but inspiring gallery wall examples to follow.

1. Consistent sizing

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Having pieces of the same size with consistent framing for all the pieces (asymmetrical style) conveys a message of a unified whole, where each piece contributes to the overall cohesive theme.

2. Playing with angles

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Don't be afraid to play with angles as well. Notice how the pieces in the gallery wall above look so well put together even though some would feel that this arrangement is rather unconventional. Consistency is key. There are lot of colors at play as well which livens up the room.

3. Dual tone

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If you don't feel strongly about your designing skills, fret not as the minimalist style is here to save the day. In the piece above, the duo tone gallery wall looks elegant and classy due to the simple gold and black color combination. Playing with different shaped frames helps to add variety and makes it visually more interesting.

4. Functional Chaos

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Sometimes having no specific structure is the best structure of them all. This quirky yet colorful gallery wall can depict a journey through time - you can put down your postcards in geographical or chronological order, together with any interesting pieces you found along the way. This concept can be applied to the sides of staircases as well to bring more life to the living room.

Feel free to experiment with composition and colors while working on your gallery wall. You can lay your artworks on the floor first to avoid wrongly placed nails in your wall. Always remember to work with the largest pieces first, and then to fill in the gaps with smaller or odd-shaped ones.

I hope this article jumpstarts your effort to start creating your perfect gallery wall! To start commissioning a special art piece for your gallery wall, visit our artists' pages to browse for inspiration!