It is a well-known fact that children have the wildest of imaginations and are very creative by nature. Every parent hopes that their child retains this quality and grows up having fond memories of their childhood.

Visual cues are retained in our memories much longer, and they can be jogged even more easily than other types of cues. This is where art plays an integral role. By placing art in a child’s room, the child will attach the piece to the memories of the room – the smell of clean sheets on the bed, the comfort they feel when they tug their favorite soft toy at night, and the sense of safety.

Here are 5 talented artists you should know if you're looking for artwork to decorate your child’s room.

Jose Galang

Warm Embrace by Jose Galang Warm Embrace, Acrylic on Canvas

Jose uses acrylic, oil and watercolor mediums to create more whimsical pieces. His pieces are relaxing to look at, and exude positive vibes and feelings of happiness due to his style and use of vibrant colors.

His piece above, titled Warm Embrace, is sure to help create a loving and peaceful atmosphere in your child's room. Check out more of Jose's pieces now!

Yong Yee Beh

Let it Go, Yong Yee Beh

Let it Go, Watercolor on Canvas

Yong Yee’s work is beautifully soft and light, yet with intricate details and quirky twists. A young lady with big dreams, she brings a quintessential childlike innocence and imaginative quality to her work.

Her style is suitable for anyone who wants to bring their imagination to life, or help their child's dreams take flight. Discover more of her works now.

Mariel Sanchez Ypil

From left: Summer, Gouache on canvas, and By the Woods, Pen and Ink on canvas

It is no surprise that every child loves fairytales and storybooks. And not forgetting the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland. What do all these have in common? Well, they heavily influence Mariel’s painting styles and are the basis of her inspiration. Looking at her art pieces is similar to envisioning book characters coming to life in front of our own eyes or like they are picked out of a movie. She also gets inspiration from Tim Burton and artworks from old books, which is reflected in her pieces, especially the one titled “By the Woods.”

Her style exudes a sense of warmth, comfort and a sense of innocence – all perfect for a child’s viewing pleasure, so do look out for her work.

Jonny Ruzzo

Michon's Pussy by Jonny Ruzzo

Michon's Pussy, Oil on Canvas

Jonny loves using bold colors that contrast each other- it’s what makes his art pop right out. This fun, spunky vibe can be put to great use by incorporating it into children’s room, bringing positive energy into a room and uplifting the soul. His piece “Michon’s Pussy” would make a perfect gift for any cat-lover.

If you like his style of painting, you can commission a piece featuring your child's favourite animal or pet, and have it brighten up the room instantly.

Beatrice Teo Jack by Beatrice Teo

Jack, Watercolor on Canvas

An interesting fact about Beatrice is that she combines her passion for art with her love for young children in her pieces. Her experience teaching preschool children has immensely influenced her style, subject matter and personality as an artist.

Her pieces are very simple, yet pleasing to the eye, and teasing to the senses. They are perfect for penning down quotes from books or for inspiration. Don’t miss out on making your child’s room inspirational with a simple yet elegant piece by Beatrice Teo.

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