Artists are skilled and experienced in painting a range of subjects, but like most of us, they have their favorites. Some prefer landscapes, some focus on the human form, or on everyday objects, but all of them inject their own style and unique qualities in their paintings. If you’re looking to commission art on a particular subject or object, read on to find the perfect artist to bring your vision to the canvas.

1. Holly Van Hart - Nature
American artist Holly Van Hart may call Silicon valley home, have an Engineering degree, and a previous career in high tech, but she’s always known her true calling - art. Living in a world-renowned technology stronghold and primarily painting nature scenes sounds incongruous. Far from being true, the tech/art contrast is what gives Holly’s work the emotional depth and resonance she has come to be famous for.

Paintings by Holly Van Hart
From left to right: Serenity and Field of Dreams, both by Holly Van Hart

Visit Holly's artist page for more of her nature paintings.

2. William Costelloe - Boxing
Another artist who found his calling early on is Dublin-born, London-based artist William Costelloe. Deeply inspired by his everyday surroundings, William’s art is similarly atmospheric. With his boxing series, he aims not just to depict the emotion and actions of boxers, but to bring viewers of his art into the painting and the environment it inhabits, “really engaging in the space”. Looking at his works, you can almost taste the grit and hard work you’d associate with boxing training in his high contrast graphite sketches and oil paintings.

Paintings by William Costelloe
Clockwise from top left: After George Bellows I, After George Bellows II, and The Boxing Club, all by William Costelloe

You can find out more about the Boxing series at William Costelloe's artist page.

3. Jessica Watts - The Female Form
From the gritty training ground of fighters, we do an about face to the ethereal, beautiful art of Australian artist Jessica Watts. Svelte, flower-toting female figures dominate Jessica’s work, and the floral theme goes beyond her subject matter. Her career as an advertising art director and love for vintage wallpaper gave her a severe habit of collecting reference material for inspiration; vintage storybooks here, old bingo cards there. This treasure trove includes her collection of wallpapers, which she incorporates into her art in the series ‘Wallflowers’. The wallpaper shines through spots of the paintings, exploring ideas of beauty, perception, and the inner self.

Paintings by Jessica Watts
Clockwise from top left: A Small Mad Hope, Demeter, Authentic Spirit, and The Pursuit of Happiness, all by Jessica Watts

If you see a lovely lady you know in Jessica’s art (or are yourself one such lovely lady), and want to commission a piece that celebrates the femininity of wallflowers, visit Jessica's artist page on The Commissioned to get started on a creative brief!

4. Stewart Brown - Still Life
Another advertising industry alumnus, Stewart Brown was born in England but found his inspiration in France, where he now resides. The Provençal markets inform his brilliantly coloured, clean still lives of produce; lush apricots, bright pears, and vivid red cherries against a porcelain white bowl. Stewart excels at the realist depictions of everyday items, and brings to them warmth and a character of their own.

Paintings by Stewart Brown
Clockwise from top left: Level Pears, Apricots, Cherries in Basin, and Writer, all by Stewart Brown

Go on over to Stewart Brown's artist page to see more of his intriguing still life paintings.

5. Clare Brownlow - Animals & Game
Growing up in a household very much influenced by nature and wildlife, UK-based artist Clare Brownlow brings dynamism and movement to her artwork in a very unique way. Picking a pheasant feather off a homemade feather duster created by her father, who grew up in rural Kenya, Clare discovered her own particular niche of creating art. The pheasant feathers she uses to paint create the signature splatter effect that pervades her art. This creative way of creating paintings only enhances her subject matter of choice - animals and game. Clare expertly renders the animals’ vitality and movement to the point that birds seem to fly across the page, and dogs stand alert, looking ready to bark.

Paintings by Clare Brownlow
Clockwise from top left: Fighting Cock Pheasants, Spaniel, and Rutting Stags, all by Clare Brownlow

Visit Clare's artist page to commission a lively pheasant feather art piece of your own.