Bedrooms are our private sanctuaries. Who we are, and what we stand for can all be seen in this very personalized room. Having meaningful art pieces in the bedroom can help you to relax and unwind after a hard day's work, and remind you about the important things in life.

Here are 5 ways to transform your very personal space.

1. A standout piece

Having a single piece that shows off the colour palette of the room is ideal in trying to bring the room together. Using Florence De Bretagne’s beautiful and bold “The Peacock and the Butterfly” instantly brings a gust of warmth and brightness to the room. It pays off to take calculated risks, so don’t be afraid and choose a piece that complements the room in terms of color and texture.

Bedroom image source

2. Vertical arrangements

For smaller bedrooms, having a vertical arrangement of a few pieces can help to add to the room's personality. Using three of Beatrice Teo's light water color pieces adds a touch of elegance to the room. The pieces from top to bottom are “Birds”, “Flower Study” and “Racoon”.

Bedroom image credit

3. Double the power

For some placing the exact same piece twice on the same wall may seem strange, but it can actually work well if done right. If there is an art piece that is very dear to you, or that you want to showcase more than once, you can put the same painting next to each other as depicted in the setting below. This bedroom features (twice to be exact) a calming yet distinct piece by Alicja Kubicka entitled “Grubosz VIII”. If the painting goes well with the theme of the room and complements it, then it looks more in form when the same painting is hung twice. For this to work, the size of the painting cannot be too large to overpower the room and each other, and the color should match that of the room surroundings. It’s time to make a bold choice, twice over.

Bedroom image credit

4. Combination of shapes

For larger rooms, having a series of pieces with different shapes can kick variety up a notch. Adding pieces that are circular in shape like that of “Hide and Seek” by Daryl Feril can give the room a whole new feel. Sandwiching this piece between “Urbane” by Nishta Sipahimalani and “Goose” by Patrick Tierney (left and right of the circular piece respectively) makes the wall look more sophisticated and brings the entire room together due to the common feel of all the chosen pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment by combining different shapes of frames for the pieces – you will never know until you try!

Bedroom image credit

5. Playing with sizes

Hanging different-sized pieces on the wall can make things more visually interesting too. Mix it up by incorporating portrait and landscape pieces into the same area as seen below. The pieces shown here (from left to right) are “Sowing Good Seeds” by Frank Hari and “Enchanted Forest” by Danny Encabo. They fit in with the blueish hues of the room and are relaxing to look at.

Bedroom image credit

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing and combining art pieces for your bedroom. Knowing the mood you'd like to create for your bedroom is essential as that helps to narrow down your choices.

To commission a painting specifically for your bedroom wall, check out some of the artists we've recommended above, or browse our community of talented artists.