Maybe it's the perfect gift for an upcoming anniversary, or you’re looking for a special piece that will hang on the walls of your newly renovated home. Whatever the occasion, you’ve decided that a commissioned art piece is just what you need. Here are 9 simple steps that will set you on the road to your own unique, specially customized artwork.

Step 1 - Decide on what you want
This seems obvious enough, but you should take the time to think about what exactly you want from this commission. We’re not talking technical details like colors, style, or perspective here. Rather, focus on your broad aims for the painting. Why do you want it done? Is it to celebrate an event, to give as a gift, or to complement a certain room in your home?

Being clear on what you want and communicating them to your artist makes it easier for him or her to create art that is consistent with your expectations. If you need to browse for inspiration, just refer to our artists page.

Step 2 – Shortlist 1 or 2 artists on our platform
Speaking of artists, choosing the right one is crucial to getting the art that you desire. Have a look at the works of The Commissioned’s many talented artists; each artist has their own signature style but will surprise you with their versatility. If you have something more specific in mind, you can narrow your search down with a sort feature that lets you hone in on a particular country, medium, or price range.

Step 3 – Send your selected artist a message
Once you’ve found an artist you want to work with, message your artist of choice, providing details about the commission, from the practical (completion deadline, desired painting size) to the artistic (inspiration or story behind the commission). The artist will then be able to follow up with advice or questions, as well as a quote for the job.

Step 4 - Make Payment
Once the details are sorted out and both you and the artist have agreed on the specifics of the commission, seal the deal by making payment for your personalized artwork. Now you and your artist can begin the co-creation process and focus on crafting a unique work of art.

Step 5 - Check in
Check in with your artist to make sure they’re on the right track, but not too often! It’s a good practice to update yourself on the progress of your commissioned piece so you won’t be faced with any unwanted surprises down the road.

Different artists have different work styles; some may like to send progress shots of the art, while others may need to leave the first progress update till later (due to the nature of the art style). Do give your artist some room to breathe; at the same time ask when the artist is able to provide an update so that both sides are clear.

Step 6 - Be open-minded
You have agency over the direction of the piece because ultimately, the piece is your artwork and is tailored to your needs. However, try to keep an open mind to suggestions and alternative points of view; a good collaborator is open to the input of their partner. Shutting down an idea before it is explored or discussed could leave some really good ideas in the dust.

Step 7 - Trust your artist
You picked them for a reason, so let your artist do what they do best. Trust your artist to make the appropriate artistic choices, and trust their talent and vision - if you’ve seen enough of their work and know that they understand what you want, give them room to execute your vision. Knowing that you trust them will put the artist at ease, and motivate them to concentrate on creating the best possible artwork for you, instead of overthinking the details, and how it will be received.

Step 8 - Relax
Yes, relax! You’ve done your part; communicated your needs for the artwork, given your input, and kept yourself updated on the progress of your piece. If it looks like smooth sailing from here on out, then it is! Your artist will let you know what the finished work looks like before they send it to you, but it’s always fun to unwrap a present (even if it isn't a surprise), let alone something as special as a commissioned work of art. Until then, put your feet up and simply wait for your unique artwork to arrive at your doorstep.

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