For the Chinese, numbers are everything. From the number of cherry blossoms on a branch to the number of bamboo shoots, all these elements come together to convey messages of prosperity and well wishes. And this was exactly what Su Yuen wanted as a gift for her mother’s birthday.

Artwork: Calm and Serene Golden Buddha
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2015
Artist: Janet Glatz
Client: Su Yuen Chin

Working closely with the artist Janet Glatz, Su Yuen was able to customize the different elements of the painting, from the 28 cherry blossoms on the branch, as “28 in feng shui is read as ‘Yi fat’ , which means grow and prosper” to the 9 bamboo shoots as 9 is a lucky number in Chinese culture and with the artist offering the opinion that “Nine, being an uneven number, would be better visually”. Ultimately, the focus of the painting would be the Buddha, serenely sitting by the pondside, conveying the message of tranquility.

Through the communications between Janet and Su Yuen, Su Yuen was able to fully customize all elements of the artwork, allowing her to get the painting she wanted, exactly the way the wanted. From the little details of the number of flowers to the expression of the Buddha, this customized experience would be difficult to find anywhere else!

Here are some snippets of the work in progress!