It is no secret that children are extremely creative and love to express themselves constantly. Every parent has dealt with children using crayons or markers to drawing on walls all over the house to show off their creativity and talent.

However, there are two children in particluar whose art work have already been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Aelita Andre and Kieron Williamson, who are eight and twelve years old now respectively, are hailed as child prodigies when it comes to creating art.

1. Aelita Andre

Aelita Andre was just barely able to walk when she started painting abstract pieces. Her work was featured in a prominent gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery, Australia, when she was just two years old.

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In just two years since her debut, she progressed to have a solo exhibition at Agora Gallery in Chelsea entitled “Prodigy of Color”. Something even more amazing than a four year old with a solo exhibition? All her pieces were sold out within a week. This show featured paintings that reportedly sold between $4,000 and $10,000.

She went on to have a second solo show in the same gallery called “Secret Universe” in which she set a new record for herself. What was the record? One of her canvases garnered over $12,000! Critics call her work “complex yet accessible, sophisticated yet unguided.”

The family says Aelita’s highest sale to date has been an acrylic painting titled “Birch Forest in Space,” to an independent collector for $50,000 as seen below.

Birch Forest in Space

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Critics and artists are amazed at the level of skill Aelite possess and say that we should keep a look out for her pieces in the future. You can check out pieces she has done at her website here.

2. Kieron Williamson

Nicknamed “Mini Monet,” young Kieron Williamson has already achieved a milestone that many of us hope for – he became a millionare at the tender age of nine. He is today a well-known name not only in his town of Norfolk in the UK, but internationally.

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In a sale of his paintings in 2012, all his landscape paintings were snapped up within fifteen minutes, with each piece sold at tens of thousands of dollars. In order to get the pieces for themselves, people camped outside the gallery for up to two days. The international buyers did not want to lose out either – so they telephoned their bids in from Tokyo, Germany and Canada. The most expensive piece in this exhibition was worth about £35,000.

He does traditional seascapes and landscapes which the is a favourite amongst the public. His record price for a painting so far was £42,500, for a picture of Mevagissey Harbour in Cornwall. All the money that Kieron has earned so far has been kept in his own limited company that his parents created for him. Featuring "Staithe Road Winter Shadows" below which sold for around £18,000.

Staithe Road Winter Shadows

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He is still pursuing art now and you can visit his official website to learn more about him.

These two amazing artists have captured the attention and hearts of artists and public alike. They are prime examples to support the point that age is hardly a barrier, when it comes to art.