The one man in our lives that has helped us become the person we are today deserves to enjoy his day out in the sun. He wears many hats and has special superpowers – he can fix anything in the home, he can brighten your day with a simple joke, and most importantly, he has always been there for you as a dad.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are panicking over getting the perfect gift for the special man in your life, we’ve got you covered. We all know that dads come in different packages, so here is a list of the 8 types of dads and 8 art pieces from our site to suit each personality.

1. Sporty Dad

If you have a dad who loves to go outdoors and exercise, who is open to trying different types of sports (even extreme sports) and most of all enjoys the rush of adrenaline from taking part in such activities, well there is no doubt that your dad is the Sporty Dad.

This beautiful piece entitled “Playing with the Sea Turtles” by John Lautermilch would be perfect for the dad who loves diving or underwater sports. By the way, this particular piece is currently available for sale. Enquire now.

Playing with the Sea Turtles

If your dad is a huge boxing fan, William Costelloe has some pieces as part of his “Boxing Series” that feature boxing related goods prominently.

Boxing Series - Eleven O' Clock

If you know the specific sport that your dad is a fan of, you can simply customize a piece with an artist of your choice.

2. Nature Dad

If Dad takes out his special high-resolution, high speed DSLR camera or his own phone at unplanned moments to take pictures of jaw-dropping sceneries or landscapes, he qualifies as the Nature Dad. Beauty in its most natural form attracts his attention and he wants to be able to capture the perfect picture of that amazing moment. Holidays are not complete until group family photos are taken with the gorgeous views in sight.

Lois Griffel has a few scenery-related paintings that capture the mood of the satisfaction of getting the perfect shot. “Long Walk to the Dunes” is the piece featured below.

Long Walk to the Dunes

If there is a specific scenery or landscape that is meaningful to you and your dad, be sure to include a photograph of what you're visualing when chatting with your artist of choice.

3. Animal-lover Dad

It is no secret that having pets as part of a family draws the family together. We all love our pets and want to remember them as being part of us – one big happy family. Or maybe your dad has a special affinity with a particulate animal – be it ferocious tigers to gentle rabbits. Surprise your Animal-lover Dad with a painting of man’s best friend (a Spaniel to be exact), created by Clare Brownlow, an artist who specializes in painting different animals.


4. Wanderlust Dad

Some of us just love travelling around the world and want to experience as many cultures as we possibly can from the vast multitude of cultures that exist around the world. There are Dads as well that enjoy traveling and capturing unique moments in the new city – could be personally important shots, or taking shots of famous major monuments.

Glacy Soh has a style that perfectly complements trying to recreate a favorite scene or one with lot of meaning for your special Dad. Her interpretation of the shot makes the piece more vibrant and exciting to look at.

Here is her piece “Sunset at Williamette Falls” which is her interpretation of an original image captured by US Based Photographer, Mr David Gn.

Sunset at Williamette Falls

5. Fashionista Dad

We all know that there are dads out there that are conscious of the most recent trends in the world – be it in fashion, or home décor or simply just life in general. They know how to let simple yet impactful pieces speak for themselves, and they have a knack in effortlessly keeping up with the trends of time. Since they just seem to know how to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, there is a style best suited for them - minimalism.

Ji-Hyun Heo’s piece entitled “volcano” is an elegant piece that speaks volumes. The use of colors brings out the central message, which is integral to minimalist art.


6. Techie Dad

Technology has evolved a lot through time and has garnered many fans along the way. Some even are hardcore loyal fans that keep up to date on the latest technological advancements at the tip of their fingertips and know the specifications of the latest gadgets out there. Living without their high-tech gadgets can be a challenge for Techie Dads, but you know who will come to your rescue when your computer crashes or refuses to behave itself.

Julian Faylona’s pieces are very futuristic in nature but have a structure to it that many appreciate. The piece “Invasion of the Cubeship” is perfect for Techie Dads that know how to appreciate the intricacies of design and forward-thinking.

Invasion of the Cubeship

7. Frequent flyer Dad

Due to globalization, many of us need to fly over to another continent to close an important deal or conduct business. If you’re dad is always away on business trips travelling the globe, rest assured that he misses his family. Travelling away comes part and parcel of the job, so you can make dad’s travels more enjoyable by giving him a memento that he can bring along everywhere. Commission a portrait of your entire family for him to take along with him so he has a piece of family no matter where he is physically.

The piece “Eshaan” by Usha Patibandla is a testament to how much Usha enjoys making paintings of people. She loves it as she enjoys “pulling out the glow that exists within individuals and capturing their inner beauty.”


Just choose an artist of your choice, and send them a pictures of the family members you'd like to include in the painting. If you are worried about the size of the painting being too big for dads to take on their business trips, you can always commission a small-ish sized piece!

8. Detail-oriented Dad

There are some people who are naturally better at observing key, minute details than others. They notice small things that some of us would not have caught at first glance. Dads out there that can catch the slightest of details – including the smallest spot of ketchup that you may or may not have spilt on your shirt while eating, or the dirty pair of socks you have perfectly hidden under the bed. If nothing gets past them, then you’re dad is definitely detail-oriented.

Who else will enjoy the detailed intricacies in the pieces done by Pyotr Mutuc than a detail-oriented person? Featured below is a piece entitled “Lumix Camera” which allows the viewer to see deep into the mechanisms of a camera without being overwhelmed by the details.

Lumix Camera

We hope this post gives you some ideas on how to commission the perfect piece for your dad. Here's wishing all cool dads out there a Happy Father's Day!