Industrial decor
Industrial home design styles are very recognizable. It makes use of unfinished surfaces, lots of metal, and rough textures.

Industrial details like exposed pipes, metal stairways, and chipped brick walls alongside luxurious fabrics and lush indoor plants are the order of the day. In essence, it looks raw and worn, with hard corners and rough edges, yet distinctly lived-in.

The touches of creature comforts breathe life into the starkness of an industrial space. This style is about contrasts; hard and soft, cold and warm. Popular for homes in large spaces, such as lofts or converted buildings, industrial decor also tends to start with a largely neutral and dark color scheme for the walls and fixtures, layering brighter accent colors or statement furniture for contrast.

Above: Different industrial-style spaces (

Pair it with: Action Painting / Abstract Gestural Art
Break up the monotony and roughness of this design style with some bright and animated abstract art. Abstract gestural art, or action painting, would provide a particularly sharp contrast to a drab industrial-themed space, especially art with brighter colors and bold, dynamic strokes. At the same time, abstract art comes off as unfinished and raw, much like industrial decor.

Blum by Deusa Blumke

Making It Work
Bigger pieces work well as industrial spaces tend to be spacious, and therefore have a lot of wall area to work with. Part of the charm of industrial décor is that it doesn’t look too put together, it feels relaxed, unpretentious and low-maintenance. Applying the same attitude to displaying art, one way to show off a larger-than-life abstract painting is to simply lean it against a bare wall. Smaller pieces can be propped up against a mantelpiece, dresser, or bookshelf.

Above: Displaying art in an industrial-style living area (

Abstract Gestural Art For Industrial Spaces
Here are some artists that create bold and vibrant abstract gestural pieces:

Clockwise from top left: Num 1 by Francesc Rosselló, Black Woods by Ji Hyun Heo, Hibiscus Purple by Nishta Sipahimalani, and Harley-quinn by Ji Hyun Heo.

Cote d'Azur by Kasia Pawlak

So which will complement your industrial home best?