How would you describe your art - in one sentence, or a short phrase.
Post impressionist. I paint what I see and love: often combining scenes and adding my own imagery.

Photo of you in your studio; or beside an art piece that you like.

One sentence to describe your studio / the place you work.
During the winter and rainy months I have a small upstairs room for my easel painting that looks out on gardens and forested hills.

Photos of your 3 best artworks, the title and a short description.

Fall in Laurelhurst:
4’ x 3’ (approx). Acrylic, 2016

Astoria View:
3’ x 2’ (approx). Acrylic, 2016
An impressionistic view of Astoria Oregon.

New Mexico Landscape:
3.5’ x 2’ (approx). Acrylic, 2016
An impressionistic view of New Mexico landscape.

Most memorable art commission - what was the piece about, who commissioned the art, what was the experience like.
I was commissioned by a health service non profit in Berkeley California, to create a painting representative of the US farmworkers struggle. I painted figures bending and picking strawberries in the field with a health clinic in the background.

I enjoyed both the landscape / figure painting, and contributing to a cause that is important to me, i.e. the struggles of the migrant farmworker families who put so much of the US fruit and vegetables on the table. I also enjoy being commissioned these days to illustrate children’s stories-

How you work with your clients - a short description of how you develop concepts and ideas, and collaborate with your clients.

I always begin discussing the project via phone and/or email, in person whenever possible. If the client is not sure of what they envision I offer to create some proofs which I work up, always with a willingness to edit at the early stage. I am flexible and always want the client to be happy with my work.

What/who inspires you?
I am most inspired by a number of impressionists both early and late including Monet, Bonnard, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gaugain, Chagall, and Matisse to name a few. I also love Klee, Hunterwasser, some Klimpt, Rivera, O’Keefe and many more. I am not a great fan of much current art - I’m afraid I was born in the wrong era.

I am inspired daily by landscape, older city scapes/architecture, animals and even people now and then - Traveling is also a great source of inspiration and I hope to visit many more places I’ve to see.

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