How would you describe your art - in one sentence, or a short phrase.
I would describe my paintings as a mixture of all styles: from realism, impressionism, collage, abstraction to experimental.

Photo of you in your studio; or beside an art piece that you like.

One sentence to describe your studio / the place you work.
My studio is located on the first floor and has windows on two sides – lots of sunlight to paint by.

Photos of your 3 best artworks, the title and a short description.
I have no favorite or best artworks since every painting has its own meaning to me – it would be like trying to pick your favorite child. I will show three paintings that show the variety of my work.

Most memorable art commission - what was the piece about, who commissioned the art, what was the experience like.
I was commission from a lady that had lost her daughter to breast cancer, it was to be about her daughter’s childhood and the dream of the mother and daughter had of doing organic gardening together. It was very moving when the painting was presented to her.

How you work with your clients - a short description of how you develop concepts and ideas, and collaborate with your clients.
The first step is to understand what the client wants in the painting, what size the painting, settle on a price, receive photos (if any), do a sketch in black and white. After the sketch is OK, do a colored sketch with more details.

What/who inspires you?
I am interested in nature and am inspired by our world and all its beauty in particularly the water lilies.

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