How would you describe your art - in one sentence, or a short phrase.
My art embodies free spirited authenticity, originality and confluence of various painting techniques all on a canvas.

Photo of you in your studio; or beside an art piece that you like.

One sentence to describe your studio / the place you work.
A space that allows me to have a moment all to myself, with zero distractions from the world. Just my paint, brushes and creation.

Photos of your 3 best artworks, the title and a short description.

Le Ballerina, 2014
Oil on Canvas
Although I've never been to a ballet performance. A film capture from one inspired this creation.
Thousand hours of practice culminated into this moment.
A ballerina's grace and poise is a timely reminder of what passion and discipline can achieve.

Un Momento, 2013
Oil on Canvas
What is on her mind one might wonder.
Is there a difficult decision to make something she needs advise for?
Or is she scheming, thinking about how to make her next move to get what she wants?
Beauty is only skin deep. Thoughts are what lies beneath.

Falling, 2016
Oil on Canvas
Pitter Patter. The sound of water droplets falling.
Splash Splash. The thunderous roar of the waterfall gushing.
The source of life. Illuminated.
The strength of coming together. Illustrated.

Most memorable art commission - what was the piece about, who commissioned the art, what was the experience like.
My most memorable commission by a client who requested for a surprise wedding gift for the couple tying the knot.

The client was the best man of the groom, and he wanted an original art work that embodied their love and passion, both in terms of the close bond shared by them and also the groom's love for cooking (as he was a renowned chef in Singapore's culinary world).

I enjoyed the entire process of the commissioning as there was full autonomy for me to suggest the form and concept behind the final art work.

The piece was a two canvas oil on canvas creation, with a portrait of the bride and groom on each one. The artwork symbolised the union between two amazing individuals and their expressions captured the essence of the couple's relationship.

Connecting the two canvas was a fiery heart that represented the passion of both the groom, a chef, and the love between them.

How you work with your clients - a short description of how you develop concepts and ideas, and collaborate with your clients.
I always start with understanding the client's intention of commissioning the artwork and their relationship with the recipient (if the piece is a gift), as this would have a huge impact on the creative direction of the piece.

I would also try to assess the client's appetite for originality and creative evolution of the artwork along the commissioning process, as room for the piece to evolve during the commissioning is preferred. This is because as the artwork takes its form there might be new elements to be incorporated that can give the final product and extra "oomph".

I would then ask the client if they have high resolution pictures/photos of the subject to be painted to provide a clear reference. A discussion on where the artwork will be displayed also happens prior to submitting sample sketches to the client as this will affect the proposed design and colour scheme of the piece.

Once the above are completed, id submit a sample sketch of the proposed artwork to the client for further discussion. This is an iterative process and the client typically provides their inputs on the piece at this juncture.

The sketch is further revised and work on the canvas only commences when the green light is given by the client.

The client is updated on the progress of the artwork via progress photos and any additional suggestions from myself or the client is discussed and incorporated.

I always enjoy it when the client's expectations and the final artwork is aligned, as you can see the sparkle in their eyes when the see the actual completed art piece!

What/who inspires you?

I'm inspired by my family and friends around me who embodies the spirit of perseverance, unwavering motivation to scale greater heights in the things they do and to always be thankful for the things that we have. It is only when one finds inner peace and happiness that one is able to create amazing art and share them with the world.

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