Fall in love with art. That’s exactly what Karen Cheng did as she browsed through the gallery of artists on The Commissioned, before stumbling upon the artwork of Deusa Blumke. Every artist on The Commissioned is unique and Deusa was no exception. What captured Karen’s eye was Deusa’s characteristic style and in Karen’s own words, “I loved her spontaneous strokes, her bold colours, her blobs, splatters and unique layering.”

Artwork: A Forest Walk
Medium:Acrylic on Glass
Year: 2015
Artist: Deusa Blumke
Client: Karen Cheng

And thus began the conversation between the artist and the client. One thing Karen cherished was her forest walks with her family and a recent picture she took on one of her walks would be perfect for the bold lines and style of the artist. Over the course of two weeks, Deusa kept Karen updated at every step of the way, from the first draft to the completed project, tweaking the design according to Karen’s feedback. The result, an absolutely stunning, entirely customized piece.

A commissioned piece is a one-of-a-kind artwork created just for you and this was exactly what Karen wanted. From the strong colours of the trees to the three little figures representing her three children, the artwork was unmistakably for Karen.

Commissioning a bespoke art piece is not an endeavour reserved for the rich, nor does it have to be risky ordering it online. Through building a relationship with an artist and communicating with them easily, The Commissioned allows you to get a tailored piece of artwork just for you!

Here are some snippets of the work in progress!

The photo which inspired the piece

A work in progress

Delivered and displayed!