In October 2015, Cheryl Chia was wracking her brains on what would make a good gift for her husband’s 38th birthday. Tired of giving the usual birthday presents of a new wallet or a pen, Cheryl turned to The Commissioned with the purpose of finding a unique and meaningful gift perfect for her husband. And the found it.

Artwork: Florence
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2015
Artist: Lily Adamczyk
Client: Cheryl Chia

Having previously come across Lily Adamczyk’s work, Cheryl’s husband was already a fan of the artist’s work, in particular her painting Rainy Night. Thus, the perfect present was born. Cheryl asked her husband what was his favorite place that they’ve visited and his immediate response was Florence, Italy. With an image of the painting in mind, Cheryl communicated her vision to Lily who immediately got to work in creating this bespoke piece.

A picture of Florence, featuring the famed Ponte Vecchio, served as a reference for the painting, with some little additions, namely their little family of four painted in a gondola along the river. With Lily sending Cheryl frequent updates and pictures of the work in progress, Cheryl was able to provide feedback as well as kept informed on how the piece was turning out.

What did Cheryl have to say about the complete art piece? Let her tell you about it herself!

Here are some snippets of the work in progress!