Settle your budget.

Before you set out to find the right artist to bring your artwork to life, think about how much you are willing to spend on the artwork. This narrows down your search and lets you focus on the art itself. When browsing through artists on The Commissioned, opting to sort the artists by artwork price is an efficient way to find artists that are within your budget.

Another thing to consider would be the value that you put on different types of art. Some buyers feel that a higher price tag is justified if the artwork requires painstaking detail or considerable technical expertise on the artist’s part. Others are comfortable paying a relatively high price for a piece that resonates with them emotionally. Make sure that you are clear about not just your budget, but what quality or value you expect for the money you will be paying.

Look into genres and styles.

Explore the styles or genres you want for your artwork. Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge of art genres or movements, it's good to have a general idea of the look and feel you desire to achieve. You could even start with mediums that produce a look or aesthetic that you like. That way, you have somewhere to start when searching for the right artist. The Commissioned’s sort feature makes this a breeze, as it allows you to filter artists according to the mediums they use in their work.

Once you find an artist you’re interested in, another way to decide if they are a good match is to look at their current body of work. If it resembles what you have in mind, or if you like his/her works regardless of whether they fit your intended commission, it is a good indication that you should consider commissioning the artist, or at least initiate communication with the artist to further discuss your plans.

Drop us a message via intercom (the purple button on the bottom right of the page in the creative studio), and we’ll help with any questions that you may have.

Keep the artist/buyer dynamic in mind.

How easy is it to communicate? How promptly does your artist reply you? Does he understand your vision? Does his/her ideas resonate with you? All these questions will come into play when you're deciding which artist to run with.

If you want someone who can exactly translate what you want into a work of art, that’s perfectly acceptable. There are many artists with the skill and expertise to create detailed work that is accurate and consistent with what their buyer wants. However, you could consider finding an artist who realises not just your specifications, but your vision. Is the artist able to truly understand what you want from your artwork? Are they able to accurately depict your concept, but take it one step further by exploring it, extending it, and transforming it with you? Such an artist could be what you need to take the seed of an idea and grow it into a work of art that is the result of an engaging and enjoyable collaborative effort between the both of you.

Consider the artist’s experience…

Some artists have a good deal of experience with commissions, and thus, understand the collaborative nature of commissioning art. These artists may be easier to work with because they know how to bring someone else’s intended vision to life on canvas.

…Or don’t.

That said, artists with little or no experience with commissions shouldn’t be discounted - the commission of art is a process with many other important factors aside from the artist’s experience with taking commissions. It is far more important to get a feel for an artist’s work and creative process in determining whether he/she is a good fit for your custom work of art. Once you’ve done a reasonable amount of homework, trust your gut! The great thing about art is that its meaning is unique to each person. Only you know what you want in your artwork, so ultimately, you are the best person to judge which artist to pick for your unique art commission.

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