Art and business go well together.

Art is more than decoration. There are companies that use art in their hallways to encourage their employees to think more creatively.

Here are some ideas on how personalized art can super-charge your business.

1. Jazz up your office
If you have a blank wall in your office that needs a bit of jazzing up, commission a personalized work of art. Use it to share the story behind your business. For ideas, read Art Styles for Your Office.

2. Complement your design business
If you're an interior designer, and you're looking for specific styles or colors in an art piece to complement your interior design, work with our artists to create that perfect wall art for your clients.

Artwork by Mariana Maia

3. Host art appreciation events
If you service premium clients in your business, you can organize art appreciation classes for them. Learn how to differentiate a good quality painting from an inferior one, or learn all about acrylic or oil paints from the experts. Art and wine go superbly well together too.

4. Real-time sketches at corporate events
If you’ve got a corporate dinner coming up, forget about photo-booths, hire our artists for the evening to do real-time sketches of your VIP guests.

5. Communicate your brand essence
If you run a restaurant or café, co-create a painting that is uniquely yours to share your passion about food. It can even be a creative representation of your brand or logo.

Stewart Brown
Cherries in Basin by Stewart Brown

If you're launching a new product line that is inspired by lilies, commission a work of art that tells a floral story. Perhaps you run a boutique or hotel that has a funky vibe, you can commission a range of pop art paintings. Check out our pop art artists Alicia Wee, Kim Taco, and Allicia Sim.

6. Create art for a cause
If there is a cause that you’re raising funds for, commission a meaningful work of art that speaks volumes about your cause. Auction the piece off at your fund-raising event, and give away limited edition prints to your sponsors.

Yejin Jun Artwork by Yejin Jun

7. A personalized corporate gift
If you’re doing an IPO, commission a painting that represents your business as a corporate memento for the Stock Exchange and other key parties.

8. Commemorate an occasion
If you’ve just inked a partnership or acquired a new property, allow us to create an art-piece to commemorate the occasion. We recently had a property client commission a painting based on a hotel they newly acquired. Limited edition prints were also made as gifts to the major parties involved.

Raffles Hotel by Kasia Pawlak

9. Art for team-building
If you’re looking to hold your next team off-site and would like to incorporate a creative exercise as part of it, let us help you pull together a corporate art jam that is customized to your needs.

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