Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It needs context, it is social by nature, and the environment around it helps to give it meaning and purpose for its existence.

We’ve managed to build a sizeable artist community made up of talented artists from all corners of the globe.

Similar to the art that they create, our artists also need support and community.

So we went about providing it in various ways.

We started a namecard initiative, where we designed and printed namecards for our artists who opted for it.

The namecards are customized with the artist’s chosen artwork at the back, and the contact details at the front.

The Commissioned namecards

Image credit: Yejin Jun, artist

It’s a way to express our appreciation for our artists, and we hope it goes some way to help them present themselves to the world.

Apart from this, we also made our artist profile pages shareable. Each artist page has a unique URL that is easily shareable on their social media channels.

We also work to feature an artist every week on our blog, in our regular Meet The Artist column. These interviews are shared on all our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These may seem like small initiatives, but seen as a whole, we hope that they help to foster a sense of belonging and community.

Image credit: J Saxton, artist

Hear what our artists had to say about the namecards they received:

The artist namecards are perfect for me. It has the ideal size and the necessary information. The design is wonderful. I cannot be more happy and satisfied with them. Thanks to The Commissioned, for the great work they do. - Patricia Merchán, artist, Spain

They are lovely. Thank you very much. I would not make it as good as you did. You really helped me with my career. - Marta Wapiennik, artist, Poland

Simple and beautiful. It contains the artist's personality with their artwork. – Heo Ji-Hyun, artist, Korea

My Commissioned namecards came today and they are the perfect way to show my paintings to everyone I meet (and get some commissions!). I look forward to giving them all out and ordering more. – J Saxton, artist, USA

I didn’t expect the cards to turn out so well. Plus they look very professional. I love them so much! – Michelle Lee, artist, Korea

We paint lives. - Sze Meing Tan, artist, Malaysia

I received my name cards last week from The Commissioned. I think the name cards project is really thoughtful for every artist who working with you guys. I haven't felt much closer to The Commissioned than now with the new cards. – Yejin Jun, artist, Korea

We are always looking for new ways to help our artists gain exposure and widen their circle of influence. If you have ideas for us, do drop us a note at:!