An empty wall in a room calls out to be filled. By an art piece that tells a meaningful story - your story.

This is the simple proposition behind The Commissioned.

When someone walks in your door and enquires about a piece of art in your living room, what do you say?

"Oh that was a print I bought from IKEA some time back." End of conversation.


"That was a painting I commissioned a Scottish artist to do, to tell the story of how my wife and I met in England."

That could possibly be the start of many more meaningful conversations and friendships to come.

So we began with the humble dream of enabling us to fill a void - in our homes, offices, retail stores, or whatever place you can think of - with a work of art that is deeply personal.

A work of art that speaks of the design inspiration behind your new boutique, that shows a beautiful moment of your wife in the sunlight, that captures a playful moment shared between you and your daughter.

A piece that holds great personal significance and yet enables deep connections to be formed with others. That stands the test of time.

We hope that The Commissioned will open up new possibilities about the way we use art in our daily lives. New ways of doing and using art.

We hope you will join us in this pursuit to make our lives more beautiful.