One word that best describes your style: Vibrancy

Praia de Maresias by Daniela Fernandez

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I get up quite early in the morning, I do my yoga, swim or run and prepare the kids to go to school and then, have my breakfast – I am starving by then!

Then I go directly to my studio where I spend the morning painting, designing my collection or working on developing my next creativity workshop.

There are days when my soul shouts, "get out!” and those days I follow my instinct and I spend the mornings outdoors exploring different places of the city just absorbing whatever is happening around me and those are great moments of inspiration.

Being an artist is a lonely profession and sometimes we have to remind ourselves how beneficial and fun it is to connect with other people and the world around us.

In the afternoons, I am fully engaged in being a mom just because I love it and it gives me loads of energy to interact with my kids (some days it takes all the energy from me too…) Once they are in bed on those days when my husband is overseas (quite often I must say), I go back to my studio where I enjoy the freedom of expressing myself for some time.

Life on Shoulders by Daniela Fernandez

I do not paint people, or landscapes or flowers. I paint moments and the emotions that those moments bring to me.

What is your studio / work desk like?

My studio is my bubble of self-expression. All kinds of stimulus and triggers can be found around me. It is quite lively I would say - oils, pastels, brushes, canvases, photos, textures, and fragrances are part of my daily life. It has its own lifecycle; when it reaches a state of visual pollution I tide it up and organize it just to be able to start messing around again until it reaches a new state of chaos. It is a constant journey that I enjoy quite a lot.

Tell us one unique thing about you / your art.

Living in different places, surrounded by people from diverse cultures, has given me an abundant palette of spices to play with, when interpreting my art. I love painting unique moments of my days in Asia injected with the vibrant palette of colors that my life in Brazil has left in my heart.

My art is a fusion of cultures. I love to see how similar situations are felt in such different ways depending who people are and where they live.

On the other hand, it also amazes me when I discover how, at times, people behave in such similar ways in spite of their history and traditions. It is then that I feel the urge of fusion, of putting these different worlds together, because they are similar at times and complementary at others.

I need to hang in those colorful walls of the most famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires, the iconic Vietnamese hats that I am in love with…those flakes of colors when the sun hits the straw against the vibrant wall, the shadow…I need to marry those beautiful things I have encountered. I do not paint people, or landscapes or flowers. I paint moments and the emotions that those moments bring to me.

My art is a reflection of who I am each day, every moment of my life…it talks about my experiences and through them how I feel life…if I have to describe my art today I must say, it is a lively cocktail of cultures and emotions, in which colors play a key role to communicate and connect to the person who is looking at the canvas.

Namaste Brazil by Daniela Fernandez

What do you love most about being an artist?

The inner contract of self-expression that I dare to sign everyday. It is a blessing to leave on a canvas a piece of my soul and emotions with the only objective to connect within and with others.

Which is your favorite commissioned piece so far and what is the story behind it?

It is a landscape of a sunflower field. This was very special because it was something very important for my customer. It was his wedding anniversary and he wanted to give to his wife this unique gift. He asked me to paint a photo that his wife had taken on a very special trip they had done together many years earlier.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

My family, my art and the opportunity to travel to feel and get inspired.

Where do you get inspiration when you need it most?

Big moments of inspiration come whenever I meditate, sleep (yes…) or I am alone and outdoors. Trips, photos and fragrances inspire my artwork constantly.

What does success look like to you?

I paint to touch others. The canvas is the bridge between my soul and people and I feel blessed to touch them for at least a brief moment. That moment when I realize I have made an impact, left a message, trigger a smile or tears, is unique…this is when I feel I have succeeded.

How do you work on commissions?

The first step of a commission is a meeting with my customer to know him or her better and understand what is the story and feelings/experiences behind the request.

After this first meeting, I create one or a few studies of the painting in small scale where I mainly try the color palette and effect of different textures that I will use in the final piece.

This first study is shared with the customer and we discuss it. Once I finish the studies and discussions with the customer, I start the final piece. If the customer is willing to see the evolution of the work, I normally update him with photos of the work.

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