Your Online Art Commission

For the last 6 months, we’ve been working on a secret project that has kept our heart racing!

Art is beautiful and can be deeply personal and meaningful. Yet many of us don’t experience a profound sense of connection with the piece we see when we step into an art gallery.

Commissioned Art however, is different.

When you commission a work of art, it is truly yours. It’s not someone else’s story, someone else’s choice or someone else’s inspiration. It’s yours.

The Commissioned is Your Online Art Commission - a service that connects you with talented artists from all over the world, enabling you to commission a piece that’s truly yours.

We envision a world where Commissioned Art is made accessible and affordable… where no one will ever say “I wish I could find the perfect art piece”, or “I wish I could paint”; a world where Art is not just beautiful, but also deeply personal and meaningful. (More about our origins here:

As an artist, you will find that The Commissioned makes art social and sharable. All your works will not only grace someone’s home or office. Each art piece will have its story told on a unique 'gallery page’ that’s shareable, and that tells the story of both art and artist.

Today, we’re sharing this news with family and friends. You will be the first to use a product that we have passionately laboured over for half a year. If you ever desired to create a work of art that's personal and meaningful, we invite you to now be part of our journey. We’re in beta-mode; and this means that we’re intensely focused on taking your feedback, and tailoring the experience just for you. Anytime at all, please get in touch with us via the chat button at the bottom right of the site, or e-mail us at

Write a brief, select an artist - and work with them to tell a story -- your story -- in a way that few have done.

Here are some links to get you started: