The Commissioned. The New Establishment. And The Disrupters.

'The New Establishment' list by Vanity Fair is a ranking of individuals who are "setting the global agenda and leading the Age of Innovation".

They are "the titans of technology, politics, business, and media". They are The New Establishment.

There are 67 individuals named 'The Disrupters' - a distinct segment to 'The Powers That Be'.

We have an enormous respect for The Disrupters, and so - The Commissioned is commissioning a work of art in their honor.

The art piece will be completed at the end of Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit 2015 - taking place from Oct 5-7 in San Francisco.

We will be sharing drafts of the art piece as the Summit progresses, making sure we capture the essence of each 'Disrupter'.

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The art piece will be presented to Vanity Fair after the Summit.