When someone’s a superhero (at least to you), how do you show your appreciation? With a unique commissioned art piece of course. To properly thank her boss for doing her a favour, Kate wanted to commision a piece of art representing her boss as “The Lawyer” overlooking the Central Business District of Singapore from his office perch, much like how Batman looms over Gotham city.

Artwork: The Lawyer
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2015
Artist: Simon Ng
Client: Kate Loo

Armed with pictures of the back view of her boss, as well as a collection of pictures of the Singapore skyline, Kate found artist Simon Loo through The Commission to translate her vision into reality. From how she wanted the window’s placed to what kind of scenery she wanted ( I usually see/talk to Subject Matter at 2 am in the morning in the office when we are at work. So having a painting of him in late sunset or any sort of orange/yellow lighting would be incongruent) all these little details Kate was able to share with Simon enabled the artist to better understand his subject matter which eventually translated into a stunning, contemplative piece.

So, not sure how to show your appreciation to someone? Take inspiration from Kate and commission for them an art piece which best represents how you view them be it your superhero or protector. Create and present them with a unique gift today!

Here are some snippets of the work in progress!