The Rise of The Artist

In a mass produced, digitally replicated world, the Artist will be king.

While factories churn out ‘stuff’ in massive quantities to satisfy global demand, there remains a growing and discerning audience who will seek the works of original artists.

Artists enable the human race to tell stories in a powerful manner, reach within our souls and connect with what’s important, and create meaning with ordinary things.

As we speed towards a world of excesses, mass production and replication, and soul-less consumption; Artists play a crucial role in shaping the fabric of business and society.

It is important to the world, that Artists succeed in what they do.

The Commissioned - A Powerful Set of Tools for Artist-Entrepreneurs & Art Businesses

We are launching a new version of The Commissioned that focuses 100% on Artist Success.

What are the Three Factors that Determine Artist Success?

  1. Personal Brand & Online Presence
  2. Network & Client Relationship Management
  3. Business Automation

On the New Version of The Commissioned…

We’ve focused on those three priorities for Artists and their businesses.

If you’re an Artist, Curator or running a Gallery / Art Business, this is what you will find on The Commissioned:

1. Your Profile is Enhanced (Online Gallery)

We are 100% focused on you -- your biography, your artworks, your features and reviews, your business. There are no other artists and artworks displayed alongside. It’s your online gallery and your profile.

We’re also continually adding to features that enable clients to leave you reviews and recommendations with ease, and involve them in your word-of-mouth marketing.

2. You can chat with all your clients securely, and easily organize all your conversations (Chat Management)

Chats (the way we’ve designed it on The Commissioned) have shown to increase purchase decisions by 40%, and repeat visits to your profile by more than 65%. That’s why ‘Chat’ is dominating online business. We’ve integrated ‘Chat’ into your online gallery on The Commissioned, and on your dashboard, you can manage multiple chats with multiple clients - on one simple dashboard, so you never miss any inquiries. What’s even more powerful - is you can even send quotations and receive payments within the chat box!

3. Business Automation (Payment Collection & Shipping)

Your online gallery enables you to organize your entire life’s work, and provides you with a global storefront for sales. We’ve also integrated shipping and insurance assistance, so all you have to do really - is to create the art you love.

The Smarter Way to Get Paid, Stay Organized & Establish Yourself as an Artist

The Marketplace. Is Everywhere.

While we were once a marketplace for commissioned, bespoke artwork - we have discovered that your biggest fans are found in your extended networks - that’s why we’ve made your gallery on The Commissioned a tool to manage your client list; and - for Emerging & Established Plans - integrated with your Facebook Page.

The Commissioned is also optimized for search engines - so you can be easily found on Google search, and quickly establish your online presence.

Be Connected. Be Discovered.

Automate Your Business. Simplify Your Life.

We tend to underestimate the impact of ‘friction’ in our lives and businesses, and we attribute our declining success or passion to other things.

The Commissioned seeks to continually automate and organize your art portfolio, client conversations and payments - so that you won’t have to do them yourself. And you can be in business for what you truly love - Art!

And it’s not just Technology. Meet our Artist Success Managers…

A team of professionals who work tirelessly, to ensure that artists in our community get access to advice on marketing, branding, pricing and client relations.

The Curator as Technologist. The Gallery as Platform. / The Transformation of Curator and Gallery.

As the business world is disrupted by technology, the business of art is similarly changed.

Curators are increasingly looking toward web platforms for artists, and they are increasingly running their businesses and galleries “in the cloud”. The Commissioned will introduce Curators and Galleries into our community, and enable them to connect with you easily and naturally.

The Gallery Separated Artists from Clients. The Commissioned Brings Them Back Together.

All these changes are planted in the new version of The Commissioned, and we have ambitious plans to transform the world through Art.

We invite you to join us on our journey.

Click here to learn more about our new features, or simply start a chat with us on if you have questions or feedback for us.