Hole in Wall by Michelle Ang

1) Hole In Wall, mixed media on canvas, by Michelle Ang

Blossom by Jill Hsieh

2) Blossom, colour pencils on paper, by Jill Hsieh (For Sale)

Peace Lily by Norhani Abdul Rahman

3) Peace Lily, oil on canvas, by Norhani Abdul Rahman

Red Sailboat by Holly Van Hart

4) Red Sailboat, oil on canvas, by Holly Van Hart

Cabin in the birches by Janet Glatz

5) Cabin in the birches, oil on canvas, by Janet Glatz

Drizzle by Pei Shan Chng

6) Drizzle, oil on canvas, by Pei Shan Chng (For Sale)

4 Waves by Sumei Chew

7) 4 Waves, acrylic on canvas, by Sumei Chew

The Guardian by Lucy Lawes

8) The Guardian, watercolor on paper, by Lucy Lawes (For Sale)

Ocean Blue by Sophia Yong

9) Ocean Blue, acrylic on canvas, Sophia Yong

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