With its history of wealth and prestige, commissioning art might seem inaccessible, an activity for grand institutions and the very rich. These days, it is within reach for most people and no longer just a display of wealth and status. Commissioned art is admired for its form and aesthetic beauty, but also serves many functions. Here are some reasons why you should consider commissioning a custom artwork of your very own:

1. A moment

There are times in life that are too precious to let slip by undocumented, and too rich with meaning and emotion to be captured by a camera. Without being bound to the realism of a photograph, art is free to express the pride of a parent on graduation day, or the simple innocence of a child at play. Commissioning a work of art means being able to capture the essence of moments that are most important to you.

Beauty in Bloom by Jose Galang

2. A memory

In the ebb and flow of a daily routine, it is easy for treasured memories to get lost, swept aside by life’s more immediate problems. A custom work of art hanging on your living room wall is the perfect reminder of great memories; an unforgettable vacation, the first time you met someone important to you, the last day of summer at your childhood home.

3. A milestone

Life’s triumphs are meant to be celebrated. Mark these milestones with an art piece that commemorates your achievements. Perhaps you've just received news of a coveted promotion - commission a painting that captures your dreams, goals, or source of inspiration. Perhaps your company has just opened a regional office - commission an artwork to be the centerpiece of your new venture.

4. A special occasion

A specially commissioned piece is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for many a special occasion - a wedding anniversary (the first year’s gift is paper!) or the birth of a child - nothing says it quite like a personal piece of art.

5. A story

Often, there is more to an object or event than is immediately evident. Tell the story behind a prized possession or a longstanding tradition. Let art showcase the ideas and creative process behind a new product or service, or share with clients the values and foundations of your company.

6. Exclusivity

A commissioned art piece is yours alone and the only one of its kind. Your input makes the art piece unique, no matter how distinct or uniform the style of the artist is.

7. Co-creation

Commissioning an art piece is fun! No matter your own level of artistic proficiency, a custom work of art lets you participate in the creative process.

8. Personalization

Art is often purchased after the artist has created the piece, so you may have to search for an artwork that resonates with you, and even when you do, you may not be completely happy with the work - it is, after all, someone else’s vision. On the other hand, commissioning a work of art gives you control over the art piece. It is tailored to you and your needs, so you are sure to get exactly what you desire in an art piece.

People choose to commission art for a variety of reasons. To celebrate, to remember. To honor, to immortalize. What will yours be?

Get started now.