It’s not everyday that a young girl gets to move into her “big girl” room and to commemorate that event, mother of three, June Yong decided to commission a piece for her daughter’s, new room. Having come across the artist, Yong Yee Beh on The Commissioned, June was captivated by her “simple yet captivating style, that has such a child-like and innocent quality” which seemed to be exactly what June was looking for in commissioning a piece for her daughter Vera.

Artwork: Have Faith, Take Flight
Medium: Watercolour on Paper
Year: 2015
Artist: Yong Yee Beh
Client: June Yong

Through starting a conversation with the artist on The Commissioned’s communication platform, June was able to describe exactly what she wanted, including the purpose and story behind her commission. From Vera’s favorite blue dress to her favorite animals, no detail was too small for Yee Beh who took particular care to make sure that Vera’s artwork had elements of all her favorite things.

Thus the creative process began, with June receiving regular updates from the artist on the progress of the piece as more and more details were added in. Finally the piece was done, tailored specifically to have all of Vera’s favorite things and featuring the princess herself in her favorite blue dress.

In June’s words:

“Commissioning an art piece was fuss-free, inspiring, and fun. I never really knew how my idea would translate into a painting, until I saw it unfold before my eyes.

Being able to give my input along the way, and to see it materialize in the artwork itself was also very enriching. Through the experience, I’ve come to appreciate artists and the unique work that they do even more.”

Would you be commissioning an art piece for a loved one today?

Here's a snippet of the work in progress!