Next on our Young Emerging Artist Series is 24-year-old American Dillon Samuelson.

Dillon's work focuses on portraiture and the human figure, often distorted and obscured, capturing an essence or emotion rather than a pure visual likeness. Here's the road he's travelled as an artist.

1. How did you become an artist?
I believe anyone who makes art can be considered an artist, so I became an artist by making art.

2. Was there anything that encouraged the growth and love of art while you were growing up?
My earliest interest in art probably came from illustrated storybooks I would look at as a child. I was mesmerized by the way illustrations brought a story to life, and am still trying to create visuals that captures an excitement like what I felt as a kid seeing those illustrations.

3. Who are your biggest inspirations/ influences as an artist?
The most influential people have been my professors at school who taught me how to refine my skills and drive.

4. What do you love most about being an artist?
Bringing something to life as a visual object is very rewarding for me. Whether I am illustrating someone else's story or my own thoughts, trying to create something tangible is a challenge and a joy and everything else in between.

5. What do you see as an advantage of being a young emerging artist today?
The internet. Artists today have access to an unimaginable wealth of information, as well as countless ways to get your work out to other people.

6. Which is your favourite artpiece so far and what is the story behind it?
Of my own art, my favorite is always changing. Often my favorite pieces are the most recent as that is what is still new and exciting for me.

Art by Dillon Samuelson
From left: Match and Scissors by Dillon Samuelson

7. What are 3 things you can’t live without in a day?
Coffee, music, windows

8. Where do you get inspiration when you need it most?
Looking at other art is often helpful, but so are things like music, books, movies, or talking to other people. My ideas are often based on stories or emotions, and an idea can be triggered by all types of things.

9. What’s your biggest challenge right now, and how do you plan to overcome that?
Right now my biggest challenge is finding a way to keep up motivation/make money through art. I need to work other jobs to support myself, and I don't always have to energy to make art. I plan to overcome that by continuing to create. I know an art career is rarely built overnight, so I intend to keep working on my art and see where it takes me.

10.What’s the best advice you’ve received as an artist?
Enjoy it.

To chat with Dillon about the art piece you have in mind, hop over to his artist page.