Next on our Young Emerging Artist Series is Spanish Patricia Merchán. Patricia loves oil paintings, although she also explores other media like drawing and sculpture. She likes to paint anything that comes to her head, but focuses on people, animals and still life.

Here's Patricia Merchán and the road she's travelled as an artist.

Patricia Merchán

1. How did you become an artist?
Since I was little I liked to draw and paint; everything that was related to the visual arts and creativity. I realized that it was what I liked and what made me happy. I have never given up and I think the work and dedication to the arts have made me to be the artist I am today.

2. Was there anything that encouraged the growth and love of art while you were growing up?
Of course. My desire to improve in every work and to improve myself like an artist.

Tara by Patricia Merchan
Tara by Patricia Merchán

3. Who are your biggest inspiration/influences as an artist?
I really like the way in which each artist gives his brushstrokes on the picture, and perhaps, my biggest inspiration are artists who who focus on realism, like Samantha French, David Kassan, Marco Grassi, Mike Dargas, Joel Rea, among others.

4. What makes you different from other artists?
I think what makes me different from other artists is that every time I start to paint a picture, I get invaded with a lot of thoughts and feelings that in the end, are also captured in the painting. People have always told me that I handle the paints very intricately, and I get very nice effects.

Under Water by Patricia Merchán
Under Water by Patricia Merchán

The work of emerging artists in any sector should be noted; they tend to lead to innovation.

5. What do you see as an advantage of being a young emerging artist today?
The advantage that I see is that the work of emerging artists is art that represents a time - our time. Having the opportunity to grow in the art world so early, and continue to grow and gain experience, and besides that, be part of a generation. The work of emerging artists in any sector should be noted; they tend to lead to innovation.

6. What’s your biggest challenge right now, and how do you plan to overcome that?
My biggest challenge right now is to improve my quality as an artist, and the quality of my paintings. To do this, I will not stop trying to learn new things, to build experience that will allow me to get a little better, personally and artistically.

Gandalf by Patricia Merchán

7. What’s the best advice you’ve received as an artist?
"You have to always do what you love, no matter what people say. Never give up, and fight for your dreams. If you want, you can."

For a portrait that tells a different story, chat with Patricia Merchán at her artist page today!