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The Commissioned enables you to have the artist of your choice create an original, customized work of art that’s perfect for you.

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Commission one of our many talented artists, thoroughly selected from around the world to bring your unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece to life.

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Paint a picture of perfection

Life. It’s a work of art that happens only once. Make it last forever through an artefact that stands the test of time. Commemorate a cherished moment, person or place by commissioning an art piece.


A priceless moment unfolds just once but captivates you forever. Create an enduring memory of that unforgettable event through a unique, one-of-a-kind painting.


Many people intrigue but very few truly inspire. Celebrate those rare individuals that do with a tribute worthy of their remarkable lives: a work of art.


Does a special place somewhere in the world linger on your mind long after you’ve been there? Now you can make it yours - for all time.


Here's an easy way to create a custom work of art. Our artists will customize one of their portfolio pieces the way you want it.

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