About Us

The Business of Art, Made Simple.

Managing your art, and establishing yourself as an artist should be easy.

From building and maintaining relationships with clients, and selling your art, to inventory management and marketing - The Commissioned enables you to stay organized, sell more, and build a business, doing the work that you love.


We believe every artist should have the tools to manage, market and grow their business with ease. And every art lover should have a way to find and connect with artists from around the world.

That’s why we made The Commissioned a place to manage your body of works, and display them for a global audience of art lovers and clients.

Melvin Yuan, Founder and CEO

Geek, innovator, technologist. Dreamer, writer, story-teller. Productivity freak. Loves ultimate frisbee, running, military strategy. Devoted to clarity, brevity and mystery. Lives on inspiration. shuttles between San Francisco, Melbourne and Singapore.

Fervently believes that the web will dramatically transform the world of art...creating for you and I, a deeply personal and meaningful way to tell a story. Working hard to make it happen at The Commissioned.

Howie Chang, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Howie is passionate in all things digital and enjoys designing interfaces, products and services that are attractive, thoughtful, and enjoyable to use. Over the years, he has helped redesign large-scale websites, crafted mobile apps big and small, and freelanced with startups of all kinds.