Kaeli Becke

United States of America

Hello all! My name is Kaeli Becke, I live in Texas, and I am 17 years old. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember!! I specialize in hand drawn portraits, but have been known to paint portraits, animals, landscapes, and just about anything as far as nature goes. I'm currently in community college for general knowledge, but want to go to Colorado State Uni and major in zoology, as I love animals (particularly reptiles), and want to work with them in the future! I've got lots of pets that I take care of on the daily...an axolotl named Axel, a green iguana named Azazeal, a crested gecko named Spooks, a gargoyle gecko named Hugo, 3 turtles, 4 dogs, and a cat named Kiwi :)

I do not charge $15 per inch, my prices are...

$15 for a pencil portrait
$20 for a colored portrait
$30+ for a painted portrait

High school graduate; College freshman

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