Aleksandr Budayev

Russian Federation

The general interest of Alexandr Buda(yev) lies in the field of mythologisation/mystification and absurdness that is understood as a means of creating or changing sense and through it, releasing the mind.

There is no word or image that can't be used as an element of vocabulary of mythological constructor.
And if (as Kant said) every man during his life is asking himself questions that cannot be answered because of human nature, then art can be recognized as a way of answering.

School of Engaged Art Chto DelatSaint-Petersburg Academy of ArtSecondary School of Art, Minsk
Group Exhibition at "Tants", Tallinn Center for Russian Culture, Russian Federation, 2014
Group Exhibition at "Yeah, I remember!" School of Engaged Art Chto Delat students, Saint-Petersburg, Luda Gallery, Russian Federation, 2015

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