Barbara Monacelli


Barbara is a fashion designer, illustrator and painter. She lives in Italy. She graduated from the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome and, then, in Art History. At the Perugia's University, with her creations, she took part in many different fashion shows, among which was the Centenary of Cinema (1895-1995) at Expositions Palace in Rome. Her works have been published in MODAIN Collezioni (Italy).

She undertook a series of brilliant collaborations, some of which include working with Pino Lancetti, Les Copains, Egon von Fürstenberg, Fuguiniao (Beijing-China). She also took part in collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad: France, Greece, Spain, Canada and the USA. She creates works of art, inspiring herself with poetic quotations.

Graduated at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome (1994)Art History at the Perugia's University (2005)

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