Brad Swiney


A Glimpse of Things to Come, 2015 by Brad Swiney

Brad Swiney
A Glimpse of Things to Come, 2015

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Looking for inspiration, 2015 by Brad Swiney

Brad Swiney
Looking for inspiration, 2015

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I am an acrylic and mixed media artist focused primarily on portraits and animals.

Born in 1979, I grew up in Belmont Australia before moving to Sydney where I stumbling on a passion for art. Now based in Singapore, much of my work is focused on unlocking the true feeling and inspiration of the subject.

I approach every painting as a journey of discovery, using bold colours, subtle mediums, and experimental techniques to bring my work to life. I have a desire to create a connection beyond the physical to the honest emotion of the moment through the surprising combination of luminous and translucent layers.

I enjoy creating strong expressive work using rigid form and fluid abstract layering to challenge people to have a deeper emotional dialogue or interpret my work for themselves.

2008 - 2013: Sarah Aylward, Private Art Tuition Workshop Art Centre, Willoughby, Australia
Group Exhibition at Colour and Transparency - ewart gallery, Australia, 2013

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