Cédric Quissola


Cédric Quissola graduated with a Masters of Arts from Ecole Estienne, Paris. He began as an illustrator for a press magazine and newspaper and received the Young Illustrative European Award in 2007. He then began collaborating with galleries, especially with XPO gallery from 2010 to 2013, and participated in many exhibitions and fairs in Europe like Drawing Now in the Louvre or Art Paris in the Grand Palais in Paris, and Preview Art fair in Berlin.

His approach :

Cédric Quissola loves telling us of infinity stories in a single image. He spends hours to sublimate errors, and urges us to either recreate narrative forms or invent them.

"There are more than 7 billion humans on the planet. What do we have in common? Our chemistry is our unique identity; but what about our perception of the world, sensations? Beyond social conventions, how do we define the notion of identity? To paint the features of a face is to take the risk of losing a portrait's unique identity; because the subject is not the individual but a pretext for another message. I try to find the potential of poetic interrogation buried under our convictions, moving our automated reading and pictorial representation, and therefore our thought. Our community is undergoing profound transformations which know no breaks that would allow us to analyze them.

Contemplation, poetry and questioning is removed from our daily lives. It does not represent a portrait or a particular landscape; its characteristics do not interest me and are formal pretexts, a surface layer of questioning. Whether it is a disturbance of the image or inconsistencies in the narrative, the error grows and is continuously questioned. A car traveling on a road does not raise any issue; if, on the route from point A to point B, it disappears, if only for a split second, it opens thousands of possible interpretations. We are surrounded by hidden poetic inconsistencies, lost in a meaningless information flow. I go looking for them."

Master of Arts (M.A.), Fine Art Ecole Estienne / Paris
Young European Illustrators Award, , 2007
Solo Exhibition at « Indécises identités » XPO gallery, 2012
Solo Exhibition at Drawing now, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, 2012
Group Exhibition at Juno, Londres, 2011
Group Exhibition at « Play List » - Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris, France, 2008
Group Exhibition at Biennale internationale design, Saint-Etienne, 2008
Group Exhibition at Illustrative, Paris, France, 2007
Group Exhibition at Illustrative, Zurich, Switzerland, 2008
Group Exhibition at « Jackpot(s) » - Galerie l’age d’or, Paris, France, 2010
Group Exhibition at Berliner liste, Berlin, Germany, 2011
Group Exhibition at Chic Art fair, Paris, France, 2011
Group Exhibition at Preview Art fair, Berlin, Germany, 2012
Group Exhibition at Art Paris, Grand Palais, France, 2013
Group Exhibition at Drawing Now, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, 2013

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