Charis Psachos


When many of my paintings were gathered, quoting, I wondered what they shared with each other. From the figurative art to the abstract works, observation showed that comment was a collisional and intense color palette. My painting works scream this battle, looking for the harmonious chord between relatives or opposing forces.
In the end, The One Who was searching I Am ...
Seemingly incompatible occupations and tasks that are born of an unwavering inner need, an intense passion for completing my personal puzzle, adding another piece to the final picture.
In most of the projects other than color diversity, collisions are usually led to a yin-yang, either by figurative hint or by subtraction.

Thank You

1.Athens School of Mathematics - Programming. (Language) 2. Listener (Athens Polythechnique School) in courses on small vessel analysis and design. Mechanical and Naval Design. (Construction) 3. Work on analyzing and forecasting pricing in derivative products and stock exchange values. Technical Analysis page of Greek and foreign markets in a Cypriot newspaper. (Prediction - Instinct) 4. Writer of a book entitled "The Road". Electronic edition (Scribd). (Society - Group Consciousness) 5. Painting - Sculpture. (Iconoplasia) Self-taught - listener at Athens school of Fine Arts in marble, metal, comics, painting - marble sculpturing. 6. Study of Psychology and Human Behavior, Mechanistic Behavior Patterns, Occultism, Alternative Therapies, Hypnosis, NLP. (Human).
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion II" , International Fine Art Competition, Honorable Mention, Painting, 2015
Prize (Internet) for the total presentation of works in a competition., Honorable Mention. Painting, 2018
Solo Exhibition at MindScapes, Greece, 2015
Group Exhibition at Abstract, Greece, 2014
Solo Exhibition at Art Exhibition, Greece, 2018
Solo Exhibition at Painting & Drawing Exhibition, Greece, 2018

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