Clarence Sim Jun Yi


“I aim to use canvas as a tool to communicate visually and harness the potential impact it may have on society level. I have always tried to use unorthodox methods in achieving the message I wanted to bring across not just with words but with visually powerful imagery.”

Enter the world of Sim Jun Yi Clarence, a graduate from the BA (Hons) Communication Design course at the Glasgow School of Art. For his degree, Clarence created an androgynous child bust using 3D tool and created a series of intriguing imagery. As a artist, i have always been intrigued by the social issues in our increasingly turbulent world. Gender has and always subjected to intense scrutiny from the society. What is it to be a “man”or “woman”.

It is not as simple as being defined by our genitials. We have to act like one, as if doing a performance on a stage. Our roles has been defined the moment our gender has been given to us. We thought that we are in control. However, we are wrong. Sometimes we forget that because we live in a world where the media pulls us from the womb, nurses us, and teaches us our first words.

The consequences of these are huge and detrimental. What my artworks is hoping to achieve is to interrogate the public’s commitment to this oppression of gender as unknowingly we are contributing to the gender tyranny that would divide us into armed camps. It is not “men vs women”, but achieving what every human should be treated as regardless of gender, race, language or religion.

Ba(Hons) Communication Design in Glasgow School Of Art Singapore
Group Exhibition at Feature in Glasgow School of Art Singapore Showcase, Singapore, 2014

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