Daniela Arias


Daniela Arias is an illustrator from Argentina. She uses traditional techniques to produce her work, with special interest in watercolors and pencils, because of its close relationship with drawing.

She gets her inspiration from nature, and gives her pieces a feeling of warm melancholy in a oneiric landscape.

2005 · 2011 Bachelor's degree - Graphic Design University of Buenos Aires · UBA2008 · 2010 Children’s illustration workshop with José Sanabria2010 · Taking studies on fine arts (focusing on printmaking)National University of Arts · UNA 2011 · Anatomy for artists workshop with Abril Barrado2012 · Illustration Summer Residency · SVA · New York2013 · Children’s illustration workshop with Claudia Legnazzi2014 · Moku Hanga workshop with Alejandra Dorsch

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