Darien Merriett


Art is a natural element of our world and Darien knew this right from the start. Picking up a pencil from before the age of 5, Darien dived head first in to the world of creativity. However, it wasn't until he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in which he was allowed to grow not only as an artist, but as an individual. Born and raised in New York, Darien has traveled throughout Spain, Jamaica, and Japan to experience life for what it truly is. With his foray in to the outside world he seeks to share not just his story, but your stories as well through visuals and emotion. With artistic mastery and true to life representations he seeks to connect with others, and paint the world anew. "Art is a portrayal of emotion, of feeling that is derived from the mind and bled through the tip of a paintbrush. I like to think of myself as an individual. There's a certain uniqueness towards being an individual, and it is that very same unique quality about me that I like to express to the world through art. I believe creativity is a universal language that could help unite this world into one. One single entity, Made up of individuals. That's what I consider true creativity."

Fashion Institute of Technology, BFA
Group Exhibition at Nassau County Art Exhibition, Adelphi University, United States of America, 2011
Group Exhibition at Fashion Institute of Technology, United States of America, 2015

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