Dario Moschetta


My name is Dario Moschetta and I am an artist from Castelfranco Veneto, a small town near Treviso, Italy. I was born here, in the same place as the Renaissance painter Giorgione. My job is to make paintings in acrylic, I’ve been experimenting with various techniques I developed. One of them involves applying several layers of paper and tearing them in a controlled manner, so as to obtain an irregular surface, like in posters of movies that you can see in the street. Those are the big city skylines in general. I also do portraits and nudes in large sizes. I use canvas roll so I feel free to work - I need a big white surface, and when the work is finished I choose the right size. I like acrylics because it gives me execution speed, and can be corrected at any time. As well as brushes of medium size, I also use spatulas, knives, sandpaper, rags, spray water, and step on the surface. Everything is instinctive, without a precise logic. When something goes well, I do not touch it anymore.

High school diploma with specialisation in surveying

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