Dayi Tofu

United States of America

Painter's Portrait, 2016 by Dayi Tofu

Dayi Tofu
Painter's Portrait, 2016

Sushi, 2017 by Dayi Tofu

Dayi Tofu
Sushi, 2017

Emergency Instructions, 2017 by Dayi Tofu

Dayi Tofu
Emergency Instructions, 2017

Remain Inside, 2017 by Dayi Tofu

Dayi Tofu
Remain Inside, 2017


Hey friends! My name is Dayi Fu, and I'm a Chinese-American artist located in NYC. I graduated from a Douglas Anderson School of the Performing Arts as class valedictorian in 2015, and I'm currently studying design at The Cooper Union in Manhattan.

My art ranges from paintings to sculpture and video, but I mostly identify with being an illustrator. I've participated in a few galleries around the country, sold at various arts markets and festivals, and I'm almost always available for commissions!

Valedictorian at performing arts high school (Douglas Anderson), BFA @ The Cooper Union

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