Duane Lucas Pascua


Duane Lucas Pascua is a dangerous man. He is an artist/filmmaker/writer whose insistence to venture the undisclosed, unseen, and unnoticed defines his tenacious assault towards the mundane. He channels an ocean of blazing insights and refuses to submit to modern conventions. A self-proclaimed surrealist, Duane’s surreal and impressionist rumination of the human condition digs inward with kneading insistence and ferocious urgency that is usually absent in most work by his contemporaries. His exploration of emotional and psychological depths pummel the heart and brain like hammerheads on butterine flesh—which reveals sensitivity that belies his young age. Duane, 27—who is also a poet, dancer, film critic, and mixed martial arts fighter —incorporates a wide range of style and influence with his visceral grasp of his subjects, resulting in a multi-faceted body of work that echoes stylistic diversity.

Just as diverse as his fields of interest, Duane cites various individuals in different cultural and creative spectrums as his major influences. Filmmakers such as David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Gaspar Noe, Bong Joon-ho, Terence Malick, Julian Schnabel and Wong Kar-Wai inspire his cinematic know-how while artists such as Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico, Ang Kiukok, Agnes Cecile, and Jean-Michel Basquiat largely influence his artistic styles. His straightforward and direct style of writing is largely influenced by Earne,

Group Exhibition at “Faux Show: The Collected Works of F.D Guzman”, Philippines, 2014
Group Exhibition at “Faces” , Philippines, 2014
Group Exhibition at “Counting Sheep”, Philippines, 2013
Solo Exhibition at “Untitled”, Philippines, 2011

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