Edeline Lee


Edeline began doodling at age 15. Her passion for wordless illustrations grew exponentially when she enrolled in Fine Arts to refine her techniques. The exposure from this formal art education helped to discover her flair for painting, affecting her audience’s visceral through the visual. Each piece of art is meticulously fashioned to showcase skillful artistry and honest representations of her thoughts and feelings. Her art incites reflection and inquisitivity from the viewer. She implores her observer to devise their own narratives for her art and to appreciate it as is, without the yen for a necessary meaning or backstory.

While hailing Edward Hopper an influence, Edeline chooses to adopt a different approach from his style, preferring tranquility with soft, muted palette as compared to his oft-melancholic tone. Having aptitude in realism, she occasionally experiments with the abstract, channeling her inner spiritual and emotional senses to create hauntingly pensive paintings. As with any dedicated artist faithful in pursuing the knowledge of her craft, Edeline revels in Art History. She believes that the past breathes life into the present, and this heavily influences her artwork.

Edeline graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2014. She is currently studying Theology.

Diploma in Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts
Group Exhibition at Exhibition at "Seni Mini", Mi Casa Su Casa - Alternative Art Space, Singapore, 2014
Group Exhibition at Exhibition at "Fantastic Rubbish: For The Love Of Locality", Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore, 2015

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