Eric Mercado


Eric Mercado is one of the homegrown artists of Malabon City, Philippines. At a very young age, he already knew that his passion in life was creating art. Due to that, he sought apprenticeship from two of the renowned artists in the Philippines: Fernando Sena and Angel Cacnio.

While mastering his craft and being mentored by the masters, he worked as a freelance signage maker, garment printer, illustrator, and a mural artist. And to give back the help he received from them, he offered his knowledge to various art workshops all around the metro.

Due to his contributions in the art scene, the city of Malabon has recognized him. The city awarded him with the prestigious Gintong Parangal (Golden Award) for keeping culture and arts alive in the hearts of the city’s constituents. Aside from that, he also earned the Congressional Awards for culture and arts.

As of now, he serves as an art instructor for high school students and a private art tutor for some well-respected people in Metro Manila. He is also a member of the Art Association of the Philippines and one of the prominent members of the Tuesday Group, which is based in Manila.

Style and Inspiration:
He loves to paint subjects from all walks of life – be it fishermen, farmers, vendors, and even street magicians. He primarily uses acrylic and watercolor in his pieces. But he is also skilled when it comes to painting and sketching using colored pencils, charcoal, and oil pastel.

When it comes to style, he is an impressionist. Using his brushes, he freely performs short and angular strokes of vibrant colors to make his subjects appear more alive on the canvas. Due to his style, one of his artworks was chosen to be one of the few pieces that Hallmark placed in their Christmas cards. Some of his old artworks can be considered abstract and surrealist.

College Undergraduate -- Bachelor of Science in Elementary EducationVocational Course Graduate -- Commercial Arts
18th Gawad Gintong Parangal Award for Culture and Arts, , 1999
Congressional Awards for Culture and Arts, , 2002
Sailboat Painting Competition Winner Award, , 2007
Group Exhibition at TNK Art Group Exhibit, 1985
Solo Exhibition at Manilart 2010, 2010
Solo Exhibition at Humanitive Dreams Exhibition, 2009
Solo Exhibition at Red Painting Exhibition, 2009
Solo Exhibition at Philippines Drawing Society Exhibit, 2009
Solo Exhibition at Artdolehiyoo Group Exhibit, 2008
Solo Exhibition at One Man Show, 2002
Solo Exhibition at Tuesday Group Exhibit, 2001
Solo Exhibition at Tuesday Group Exhibit, 2000
Solo Exhibition at Muscles in the Art Scene Exhibit, 2000
Solo Exhibition at Colors of Summer Exhibit, 2000
Solo Exhibition at Image of the Walled City Exhibit, 1999
Solo Exhibition at 3rd Filipino Visual Art Festival, Philippines, 1991
Solo Exhibition at Art of Ecology Exhibit -- Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippines, 1990

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