Eric Walton 9 Aka. Edub9

United States of America

A contemporary abstract expressionist, his need to cry out is expressed in his works. His art affords him the opportunity and platform to express his individuality and identity, each canvas uniquely capturing emotions, both raw and unbridled as well as soft and texturally subtle. His colors are bold, strong and expressive. In a world of conformity and commercialism we find his art refreshingly non-conformist and uniquely individual, personal and soulful. He is order and disorder; sorrow and laughter; beauty and ugliness; dark and brooding and heavy as well as bright, happy and light; fragile yet strong. Through his art he explores and reclaims his right to be free. He is the human explorer. He is neither benign nor malignant but awash in free color and form propelling us to think and feel. His canvasses take us on an inner journey. We are emancipated from looking and viewing the ordinary and uni-dimensional and are free to experience, feel and go inward in a multi-dimensional way. Eric's canvasses are simplified yet complex, containing diametrically opposite elements which enable us to see the familiar and unexpected, to connect the threads of an inner landscape and tapestry evolving evolving within. They are spontaneous, deft, filled with rich surface texture as well as alluring in their tension and narrative. Each canvas asks us not only where we are, but where do we want to be. Each is both inspirational as well as hopeful. His profound statements expressed through brush and paint are multi-dimensional and suggestive of new ways to think, explore and grow.

Some college; Multiple Apprenticeships

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