Isabel Garmon


Isabel Garmon feels that painting is the principal driving force in her life. It’s always with her: she breathes, walks, and thinks with it. She believes she's very fortunate to have learnt academic painting with great artists in Madrid, so much so that she quickly got to love this amazing discipline. She attended two workshops in The Florence Academy of Art from winning scholarships in an annual contest: Portraiture and Human Figure Painting.

She really likes the paintings of old masters, which can be considered to have a strong influence in her artwork. She tries to look for a perfect combination of academic and contemporary painting; believing that this combination is powerful, allowing her to create artwork with recognizable features for anyone who looks at it. She likes to use the human body as a main subject, especially the portraiture, since there is so much that can be found within it: the soul, thought, feeling... It comes to her as a challenge/puzzle that must be solved in the best way possible.

Isabel is recently working as a commissioned painter. Working with personal work also to take part inside of contest and be awarded like in 2015 Modportrait".

2013-2015 // Academic drawing and painting - Madrid and The Florence Academy of Art2011-2013 // Illustration - Madrid2009-2011 // Graphit Design - Madrid
Summer Contest by The Florence Academy of Art, Scholarship, 2014
Modportrait Contest, Painting selected, 2014
Solo Exhibition at "La Esencia Latente", 2014
Solo Exhibition at "Isabel Garmon", 2013
Group Exhibition at "Cierzo", 2012
Group Exhibition at "Historical Illustration", 2012

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