Ivy Doe

United States of America

Anime-Styled Satan, 2017 by Ivy Doe

Ivy Doe
Anime-Styled Satan, 2017


Hello. My name is Ivy, I specialize in cartoon pieces. I also animate, again, cartoon style. I draw furries (Anthro and Feral) as well as humans, characters from shows and games, in my own style. I will draw characters of yours for certain prices. I'm a young artist, only 15, so my style will improve as I get older.

We can discuss prices if you wish to commission me. I am a very reasonable person, and I do not charge over 50 dollars for multiple images. I also have special packages.

I have an identity pack, for people who wish to have a mascot for a company or website, including a twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr and google plus icon, a twitter, tumblr and google plus banner, ref sheets, short flash animations, a full character design and anything else you need.

I can also create special packages for your needs. If you see my art and you are interested, please, contact me.

Thank you.

Self Taught: Learning online
Solo Exhibition at All my best pieces, United States of America, 2017
Solo Exhibition at All my best pieces, 2017

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