United States of America

I'm constantly inspired by narratives be they from books, television, movies, or podcasts. I absorb stories voraciously. All my pieces are centered on the idea of a narrative, both real and imagined. My interest in various allow me to make unique characters, anecdotes, and adaptations. Each story is communicated differently depending on the medium I choose.
My sculptural work focuses on adaptations of fantastical beings, myths, and animals. My adaptation series has focused on Greek mythical beings such as fauns, nymphs, and dragons. My goal is to make my creatures otherworldly. I want them to look strange,eccentric, and graceful.
My painting work focuses on actual events,people, and intimate moments. I rely heavily on expressionistic brushstroke and non local color to create a more atmospheric mood filled scene. I essentially create tiny snapshots of a moment.
In my graphic novel work I reach a middle ground between both approaches. I create tales that can be extremely real, almost difficult for me to discuss or express. Last year I showcased We Need To Talk. We need to talk focuses on the refusal to acknowledge racism and the 2016 election. It is a challenge to represent my ideas so both sides of the political spectrum can understand my view. I eventually settled on using memes since their meaning is universal and can be communicated visually. For my current graphic novel, “Retrograde,” I want to make a more cohesive narrative where the visuals and the dialogue are symbiotic. I want to make a tiny world for my characters and my audience.

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Outstanding Achievement , Studio Art, 2018
Group Exhibition at Rothman Exhibit , United States of America, 2018
Solo Exhibition at Lenfell Hall, United States of America, 2018

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