Jorge Van de Perre


Little fringed red blanket, 2017 by Jorge Van de Perre

Jorge Van de Perre
Little fringed red blanket, 2017

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Nature and the human figure are the motivations of my work.

The landscape or the figure, alone, intimate, without another element calling attention or a still life where the harmony of shapes and colors, sometimes with a touch of fantasy are the focus of my interest in painting.

I often start from an idea, a mental image and then I look for the elements that allow me to represent it.

My message is aesthetic; it has no other goal than to seek beauty and harmony.
My favorite techniques are watercolor and oil.

Digital media are also of my interest, with them I explore a more conceptual, more geometric facet, looking for relationships between patterns, concepts and color.
The legacy of the designs of ancient cultures is very interesting for me and frequently I include them in my works.

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